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The OCEAN WAVE POWER STATION (OWPS) aims to be a large-scale solution to harvest sustainable energy from swell (continuous long ocean waves).
The revolutionary idea was a finalist in the international Our Oceans Challenge competition 2015.
Currently the OWPS engineering team is designing its first prototype while applying for financial support.

Below four steps illustrate how the OWPS will allow us to effectively harvest large amounts of wave energy in the harsh ocean environment:

1. An OWPS consists of (two large vessels that support) a framework with floating container-sized pontoons. Swell pushes the horizontally aligned floating pontoons up and down to oscillate handles connected to low-tech wing pumps.

2. The huge but slow moving wing pumps circulate a closed fresh water circuit up to 50 meters high pressure-equalizing reservoirs using relatively low 5 bar pressure.

3. From the pressure-equalizing reservoirs the circulating fresh water drops down a wide tube creating a large waterfall.

4. The waterfall activates a generator to create kinetic hydro-electricity. Depending on conditions the electricity can be transported by cable, battery or as hydrogen/diesel to the shore.

A double row of pontoons is used to assure maximum swell harvesting. To optimize energy transmission to the pumps a new arm lifting technique has been developed.

To enable the construction to withstand the highest waves and fiercest storm conditions it is necessary to build it large. Because it's low-tech, the OWPS is less vulnerable in the corroding salt water environment.

Ocean Wave Power Stations are entirely above sea-level making check-ups relatively easy. The entire construction can also be de-mounted and shipped away to dock for maintenance.

The OWPS is especially designed for areas with strong swell such as the coast of Scotland, Ireland, Norway and South Australia. Wave resource is strongest on the west coasts in oceans toward the poles.

In the current design two large (recycled) vessels support the framework with the floating pontoons in order to stabilize the construction in stormy conditions on open water. It also enables the OWPS to move into the best position to harvest swell.
In shallow water the vessels can be replaced by pillars (or rocks) and the structure can be fixed to best catch the most common direction of the long ocean waves.

The Ocean Wave Power Station is a patent free invention created by a group of visionary maritime engineers that strongly believe that wave power will soon be a highly valuable addition to the current mix of renewable energy sources. They welcome you on board to technically or financially help save our fragile planet.

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